How may you abuse our representatives time?

  • February 9, 2017

We hire only great people with years of experience in the web hosting industry. The people who serve you has passed series of interviews and tests before they started serving you. Their time is very important and we cannot allow to be wasted. This is why we require all clients to follow our advises when they contact us for support. Not following our advises makes us unable to help you no matter how much we are willing to help you to resolve your problem. Please, always follow the advises you are given by technical support because we are doing this 24/7 and solve problems on daily basis hence we know best what needs to be done in a specific situation to resolve your problem.

The following actions are treated as abuse of our support department and it may result in pointing you to this article. If you keep on abusing our support dept. we may decide to not answer your request and close the ticket or live chat session until you become more cooperative and start following our advises.

  • Asking one and the same question multiple times while we have already provided an answer to it
  • Opening a live chat session to inform us you opened a ticket in less than 30 minutes since you opened the ticket
  • Not following our advises and trying to "teach" us how to do our job
  • Using rude phrases to communicate with us
  • Opening tickets with no details in them such as what you want us to do for you. Check our hot to get support article and follow it when requesting support. Opening a ticket without a detailed explanation about what you want us to do for you just wastes our support representatives' time to ask you for those details.

We hope all clients will follow our advises and be cooperative when they contact us for support so that we can do our job better and solve all problems in the quickest way.

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